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Milk Portion

Introducing Frischli's Specialty Milk Portions to enhance your coffee and tea experience with ease, offering convenient small-portion packaging containing milk with only 4% fat for a creamy and delightful addition to your favorite hot beverages.

Promolac Ice Cream Powder


Long-life powder with ambient storage. Flavors are available in five popular flavors, vanilla, chocolate strawberry, mango, and watermelon. It can be used for making soft-serve ice cream as well as thick shakes. About Promolac At Promolac we are a young and dynamic family company that started our activity in 1996. Our central offices, manufacturing and packaging plant, and the main shipping warehouse are located in the town of Cornellà del Terri, in Girona, all inaugurated in 2003. Over the last few years we have multiplied our production capacity, we have diversified the possibilities of packaging, being able to pack multiple formats of packaging, both for the HORECA channel and for food, and also for industrial companies we have expanded the range of products


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